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Logitech Harmony 900 Rechargeable IR/RF Universal Remote (Sealed Box)

Logitech Harmony 900 Rechargeable IR/RF Universal Remote (Sealed Box)
Logitech Harmony 900 Rechargeable IR/RF Universal Remote (Sealed Box)
Logitech Harmony 900 Rechargeable IR/RF Universal Remote (Sealed Box)
Logitech Harmony 900 Rechargeable IR/RF Universal Remote (Sealed Box)
Logitech Harmony 900 Rechargeable IR/RF Universal Remote (Sealed Box)

Logitech Harmony 900 Rechargeable IR/RF Universal Remote (Sealed Box)   Logitech Harmony 900 Rechargeable IR/RF Universal Remote (Sealed Box)

Logitech Harmony 900 Rechargeable Remote with Color Touch Screen. Enjoy easy, full control of your whole system with this stylish remote. A universal remote that lets you control your home-entertainment devices-even when they're hidden up to 100 feet away! Get easy, intuitive control over just about any home theater system with Logitech's Harmony 900.

This universal remote combines both IR (infrared) and RF (radio frequency) technology, so you can operate your components even if they're hidden out of sight. The remote's sharp-looking color touchscreen clearly displays common activities, like "watch TV" or listen to music. When you select an activity, the remote instantly evaluates your system, conveniently turns on or off the appropriate components, and even selects the proper settings for you. Your Harmony advanced universal remote turns on the right devices, in the right order-with one touch.

This rechargeable remote has a full-color touch screen and backlit buttons to help you get around in the dark. With the included RF system, you can control devices even when you can't see them-you can keep your entertainment system behind cabinet doors. Expand the capabilities of your Harmony 900 with additional RF systems. You'll enjoy easy, one-touch access to any entertainment activity. Backlit buttons allow you to find the right function every time in the dark.

The remote fits comfortably in your hand-making it a joy to use. Say good-bye to cheat sheets. Everyone in the family can select whatever activity they want to do-such as "Watch TV", "Watch Blu-ray", "Watch Roku", etc. And your Harmony remote does the rest!

Replaces up to 15 remotes. You can control all of your home-entertainment devices with one remote-reducing clutter and complexity in your living room. Your remote recharges in its base station, so you won't be looking for batteries when you want to be watching TV.

Connect your Harmony remote to your computer and the software will guide through every step. Works with 225,000+ devices. Support for 5000+ brands and 225,000+ devices, so you know it will work with what you have today and what you'll add tomorrow.

Hand heaven: Ergonomically designed remote. Imagine a remote that doesn't just control virtually all your favorite entertainment devices-it makes you forget about controlling them.

It's easy to use. You can find all the buttons without taking your eyes off the TV. It's pretty much effortless.

That's exactly what Logitech imagined when we created the Harmony One remote. Our goal was to create a comfortable remote so easy to use that-after the initial guided setup-you, your kids, and even your babysitter could use it without instructions. Easy to hold, easy to use. We started by designing a stable and balanced remote that you could hold comfortably for hours. We made sure your thumbs would fall naturally on the most important part of the remote-the D-pad-and that you'd easily be able to move your hands up and down from there.

Then we moved on to making the remote so simple that anyone in your home can use it. We simplified the touch-screen menu systems and shifted more operations to the remote's buttons.

And we did a whole lot of research to create an intuitive layout you can use by touch alone. To get to the command you want faster, the touch-screen menu systems are organized into flat discs you can rotate either direction with touch-sensitive arrows. The arrows respond to tiny electrical charges on the skin of your fingertips rather than pressure-which means they'll last much longer and are easier for people with big fingers to use. Buttons are grouped into well-defined zones of related functions with button sizes varying among groupings.

The most used buttons are longer to give you a larger surface to strike. So you can feel your way around, the buttons have varied shapes and surface textures.

For example, the play area of the Play/Pause button is concave, while the pause area is convex. Visual cues help you find buttons faster, too. Horizontal lines separate the button groupings. And some buttons (for functions that don't have recognizable symbols) use high-contrast text labels.

So whether you're looking at your remote or not, you'll have an easier time using it. Your favorite entertainment is just one touch away! It's as easy as one. No two or three needed. You just want to watch a movie.

But you're digging through a drawer with a pile of remotes in it. When you do find the remotes it's going to take (usually at least three), it takes you another few minutes to press the right buttons in the right order.

And if you make a mistake-or have to explain it to your parents or your babysitter-well, then you're waiting even longer. One-touch activity-based control is the answer. That's all it takes to watch a DVD, listen to the radio, watch TV, or play a game. With a Harmony remote with one-touch activity-based controls, your whole family (and the babysitter) can easily turn on the entertainment they want-without any help. So just how do you get your remote to do that? Our online software makes it easy. To get started, use the included USB cable to plug your remote into your computer.

Then simply enter the make and model numbers of your components and answer questions about your entertainment setup-like what components are needed for different activities, how everything is connected, and what input is needed for what. Your Harmony remote is compatible with more than 225,000 devices from 5,000+ brands right away. If you've got it, it's probably in our database-no extra programming needed. Harmony's online wizard makes set up a snap.

Just plug the remote into your computer with the provided USB cable, visit Harmony's website, and answer some simple questions about your system. That's it - the setup wizard automatically downloads the necessary codes and programs the remote for you. The site remembers your settings, too, so it's easy to reprogram the Harmony 900 later if you change or add components. Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 or higher.

CD-ROM drive (or download software online). Mac OS® X 10.3-10.5 or higher. Logitech® Harmony® 900 remote control.

Logitech Harmony 900 Rechargeable IR/RF Universal Remote (Sealed Box)   Logitech Harmony 900 Rechargeable IR/RF Universal Remote (Sealed Box)